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Email us anytime! for De Zavala

or for Mainland



Check out our YouTube Channel!


AFTERSCHOOL Program!  We pick up students from 

Elementary & Middle schools


PRICE is ONLY $75 per week!

includes an afterschool karate lesson,

light snack, extra learning time,

and evening classes at no extra cost!

NO registration fees!

NO contracts!

NO regrets!

Tae Kwon Do evening classes available!


Want your child to learn the leadership skills necessary to

succeed in today's world? 


Enroll in our Family Friendly TaeKwonDo classes!  We offer classes for all ages.  Both children and adults will benefit from lifeskills such as Self-Discipline, Commitment, and Respect!  At Saldivar Martial Arts we believe in educating the children of the future in all the areas required for the society we live in today.


Do you want your child to have self-defense skills?  

We can help!


Does your child need a safe and fun atmosphere?  

We can help!


Would you like your child to demonstrate integrity in all things?  

We can help!


Would you and your child enjoy physical fitness with a family friendly class?  

We can help!


Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art of self-defense that encourages a balance of knowledge, strength, and honesty.

CALL 210.492.5425 or 210.682.5425 to enroll today!

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